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As an independent scientific forum, WVT publishes research results from the humanities every year in numerous monographs, anthologies and articles, from English and American studies to German and Romance studies, from classical philology to African studies and Australian studies, from didactics to cultural studies, from media studies to linguistics and translation studies.

Rethinking Cultural Learning. Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Language Education
Europe’s Crises and Cultural Resources of Resilience
Mothers and Daughters. Gender and Genre in Shakespeareʼs Plays
Key Concepts for the Study of Culture

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Jochen Althoff, Diego de Brasi, Sabine Föllinger, Georg Wöhrle (Eds.), "AKAN - Antike Naturwissenschaft und ihre Rezeption, Vol. XXXIV".

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Jan Bloemendal (Ed.), "Johannes Reuchlin’s Scaenica progymnasmata or Henno (1498) and Jacob Spiegel’s Commentary (1512). Neo-Latin Comedy and Transnational Learning" (BAC - Bochumer Altertumswissenschaftliches Colloquium, Vol. 116).

Cultural Studies

Unions, Break-Ups and Special Relationships
Multilingualism as a Concept for the Study of Culture

English and American Studies

Elizabethan Revenge Drama
“Says Shakespeare, who just now is much in fashion”. Shakespeare in the Theatre of Byron

German Studies

Antinapoleonische Heldenphantasien
Zwischen Identifikation, Gängelung und Abschreckung

Media Studies

Broken Taboos, Subjective Truths; Forms and Functions of Unreliable Narration in Contemporary American Cinema. A Contribution to Film Narratology
Filming the Past, Screening the Present

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