Migrant Australia

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Katrin Althans, David Kern, Beate Neumeier (Eds.)

Migrant Australia. From Botany Bay to Manus Island

ISBN 978-3-86821-935-7, 202 pp., 1 illustration, paperback, € 32,50 (2022)

(KOALAS - Konzepte, Orientierungen, Abhandlungen, Lektüren, Australien-Studien, Vol. 15)

This volume presents inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives on migration within and to Australia and addresses pressing related social and political issues: histories of (settler-)colonization and the dispossession of Indigenous Australians, asylum and refugee protection, questions of ‘belonging,’ human rights, and repercussions for the idea of the nation-state and the promise of multicultural programmes.
The contributions to this volume reflect the transdisciplinary methodologies of migration studies and represent current positions of ethnographic, historical, political, legal, literary, and cultural scholars as well as activists. The concerted efforts of established and emerging scholars provide up-to-date analyses of past and present conditions caused by manifold migrations and contribute to a better understanding of the complexities of migration and how they shape and define the twenty-first century.

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"The essays will be of interest to those interested in the specific Australian context, but many of the chapters shed light on ideas of belonging and identity, as well as bordering practices, that are relevant in other contexts."

Carly McLaughlin, Anglistik – International Journal of English Studies 34.1 (2023)