Turning Pages 5/2023

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Mandy Beck, Cecile Sandten (Eds.)

Turning Pages - An Annual Creative Writing Journal at Chemnitz University of Technology. Issue 5, 2023

ISSN 2629-8384, 68 S., 18 Abb., kt., € 5,00 (2023)

Turning Pages is an annual journal of bright voices from all over the world that features creative and original writing in English in short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama, as well as drawings, art projects, and many other related genres by students, academics, and writers. It is a production of the Chair of English Literatures at the English Department at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, and the first journal of its kind at the university.
Turning Pages can be read in both ways, literally and metaphorically, implying that we need to turn the page, that we need to demonstrate that literature and art have something to say and that they can also be interventionist as they show how we can use our own imagination for the better. Therefore, Turning Pages will make readers not only literally browse through a variety of texts and turn pages, but it also seeks to reflect situations, events, experiences, or emotions that turn the page for individuals or groups of people.

The contributions of this issue, with which we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Turning Pages, cover a wide range of topics with regard to people’s different stages in life, such as finding one’s home and identity, forgetting and remembering, reflecting on love and relationships, or reviewing everyday life from a new angle. But many poems, stories, photographs, and art works also capture the mysteries in life, where the borders between reality and fantasy are sometimes blurred, or where some things are hidden in plain sight. As is characteristic of Turning Pages, this issue features professional writers from all over the world, such as Vincent Broqua, Srinjay Chakravarti, Julia Davis-Nosko, Sonja Frenzel, Andreas Gloge and Shamshad Khan, alongside first-time writers and contributors from Chemnitz and beyond.

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