Teaching English Studies for the Master's Degree (TESMA), Vol. 1. Coursebook

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Bernd Engelhart

Teaching English Studies for the Master's Degree (TESMA). Vol. 1: Art and Music in the English Classroom. A Coursebook for Students and Lecturers

ISBN 978-3-86821-701-8, 174 S., kt., € 21,50 (2017)

Intended for use in MA/MEd courses, this coursebook provides an introduction to teaching English (lexis, pronunciation, and grammar) through art and music, i.e. by having pupils make art and compose and/or play music. Using authentic texts as the basis for projects, courses and lessons, students will learn how to
- conduct lexical/collocational, grammatical/syntactic and phonetic/phonological analyses of texts (in the broadest sense of the word);
- identify and formulate goals and objectives (language related, artistic, general);
- develop art and music based lesson plans;
- develop art and music based project/course outlines;
- actively reflect on course "delivery".
The fourteen sessions of the seminar cover
- cartoons;
- contemporary dance;
- land art;
- photography;
- film and video art;
- sound art;
- music.
Supplying introductory texts, resources and hyperlinks as well as suggesting tasks to be completed by the students, Part A comprises the key materials for the individual sessions with sample solutions, lesson plans and course/project outlines. Part B is a bibliography including online resources, ideally to be continued by students and lecturers during the course of the seminar. The texts in part C can be used for revision or in preparation for students' own course/project outlines or lesson plans. Part D offers "hands-on" materials and practical tips for lecturers, providing worksheets, notes and suggestions for the postgraduate classroom as well as proposing particular points for discussion. Catering for the needs of in-service teachers, Part E contains synopses for those wishing to undertake projects or teach lessons based on art and music in their own English classroom.

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