Studies in Forensic Phonetics

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Angelika Braun, Jens-Peter Köster (Eds.)

Studies in Forensic Phonetics

ISBN 978-3-88476-150-2, ISBN 3-88476-150-1, 168 S., kt., € 18,50 (1995)

In the past few years, forensic applications of phonetics have enjoyed a growing interest in Germany as well as internationally.

The tasks for the forensic phonetician include the analysis of anonymous voices, comparison of an anonymous voice to that of a suspect as well as conducting and interpreting so-called voice line-ups.

This book comprises a collection of recent papers by leading forensic phoneticians from eight different countries on various aspects of the field. They cover issues of basic research and methodology as well as specific aspects of forensic reports. Although the book is of interest primarily to phoneticians and speech scientists, it will also provide a good introduction to the many facets of forensic phonetics for those working in the legal field.

Braun, Angelika: Fundamental Frequency - How Speaker-specific is it?

Broeders, A.P.A. / A.C.M. Rietveld: Speaker Identification by Earwitnesses

Gfroerer, Stefan / Isolde Wagner: Fundamental Frequency in Forensic Speech Samples

Greisbach, Reinhold / Otto Esser / Constanze Weinstock: Speaker identification by formant contours

Harmegnies, Bernard: Contribution à la Caractérisation Acoustique des Sigmatismes - Étude de deux Indices Acoustico-Statistiques

Hirson, Allen / Martin Duckworth: Forensic Implications of Vocal Creak as Voice Disguise

Hirson, Allen: Human Laughter - A Forensic Phonetic Perspective

Hollien, Harry / Patricia A. Hollien: Improving Aural-Perceptual Speaker Identification Techniques

Hollien, Harry / Ming Jiang / Hermann Künzel: Upgrading the SAUSI Prosody (TED) Vektor

Homayounpour, M.M. / J.Ph. Goldmann / G. Chollet: Machine vs. Human Speaker Verification

Huntley, Ruth A. / Kimberley J. Pass: Task Influences on Earwitness Reliability

Jassem, Wiktor: Discriminant Analysis and its Application in Voice Recognition

Schiller, Niels / Olaf Köster: Comparison of Four Widely Used Fo-Analysis Systems in the Forensic Domain

Zalewski, Janusz: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of some Distance Measures in Speaker Recognition Experiments