Perceptions and Perspectives

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Gisela Holfter, Deirdre Byrnes, Jean E. Conacher (Eds.)

Perceptions and Perspectives. Exploring Connections between Ireland and the GDR

ISBN 978-3-86821-812-1, 226 S., 20 Abb., kt., € 32,50 (2019)

(Irish-German Studies, Bd. 11)

Were there any meaningful connections between Ireland and the GDR? Or: “Beziehungen zwischen der DDR und Irland – gab es da überhaupt welche?” While working on this volume, we have heard this question frequently, both in Germany and in Ireland. The short answer is that there were manifold connections, the respective perceptions and perspectives allowing for intriguing insights into both societies. Exploring connections between Ireland and the GDR (the German Democratic Republic, also known widely as “East Germany”) has thus been a very fruitful and fascinating undertaking. In contrast to the relationship between the GDR and many other European countries, the various connections to Ireland have not previously been studied in detail.

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"I much enjoyed reading this volume. The analyses carried out in the essays are very illuminating and inspirational for further research. All contributions enable valuable insights into the connections of both countries."

Mario Ebest, Anglistik – International Journal of English Studies 31.2 (2020)