Missionaries: Migrants or Expatriates?

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Clara Buitrago Valencia

Missionaries: Migrants or Expatriates? Guatemalan Pentecostal Leaders in Los Angeles

ISBN 978-3-86821-818-3, 236 S., 5 Abb., 3 Tab., kt., € 28,50 (2021)

(IAS - Inter-American Studies / Estudios Interamericanos, Bd. 30)

This book inquiries into the religious praxis of Pentecostal missionaries, who come from the South and evangelize in the North, following the case of Guatemalan independent Pentecostal leaders working in Los Angeles. The research focused on the study of their Pentecostal beliefs and practices and the relationship between their religious praxis and the social context in Los Angeles. When one speaks of missionaries coming from countries like the United States, they are designated as “expatriates.” But what about Pentecostal believers who come from countries like Guatemala, with any institutional support? Are they expatriates or simple immigrants? To answer this question, biographical narratives of Guatemalan independent Pentecostal leaders were analyzed using the Habitus Analysis approach.

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