Media Economies

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Marcel Hartwig, Evelyne Keitel, Gunter Süß (Eds.)

Media Economies. Perspectives on American Cultural Practices

ISBN 978-3-86821-574-8, 224 S., kt., € 26,50 (2014)

(Focal Point - Arbeiten zur anglistischen und amerikanistischen Medienwissenschaft, Bd. 15)

In this volume, we define media economies as a set of cultural practices that exert a direct influence on the aesthetics, tastes, and ethics of a consumer’s lived experience. These practices rest both on emotional and affective exploitation and investments that result from media branding as a specific form of media economy. It renders a social group’s lived experience by teleconomics, i.e. the use of media forms as based on experienced limitations of public and private spheres and new media’s discursive practices of broad- and narrowcasting. Last but not least, media economies are understood as a corporate and global set of cultural practices that inform standardized modes of production, reproduction, and distribution. This understanding of media economies informs the threefold structure of this anthology that collects contributions from European and American scholars working in the fields of media and communication studies, English and American literature, and visual studies.

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