Love, Sexuality, Identity

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Michael Heinze

Love, Sexuality, Identity. The Gay Experience in Contemporary Canadian Drama

ISBN 978-3-88476-911-9, 232 S., kt., € 24,00 (2007)

(Reflections - Literatures in English outside Britain and the USA, Bd. 17)

Gay men have become quite usual characters on the small screen as well as in the cinema. Not only television programmes like Queer as Folk present gay life and promote tolerance through knowledge, there are also numerous stage plays around the world that have found their way to community theatres and mainstream theatres alike. As the Canadian theatre scene is particularly lively and striving, it is not surprising that gay topics are increasingly found on Canadian stages. Names like Brad Fraser, Sky Gilbert and Michel Tremblay, to name but three, are also known across the borders of Canada. This book looks more closely at how gay love and sexuality are depicted in these plays and what that means to the creation of gay identity/ies. Topics range from the presentation of historical characters, the coming-out process and homophobia to HIV/AIDS. Two playwrights are given particular consideration: Brad Fraser and Sky Gilbert have been the most prominent gay playwrights in Canada for many years now. Stages of their work are highlighted to illustrate the changing attitudes of the playwrights and society at large. Although this publication is firmly rooted in the research of English-Canadian literature, a look over the border into Québec fulfils the purpose of broadening the scope of the study. Michel Tremblay and Michel Marc Bouchard are known throughout Canada and have also reached some popularity outside of Canada. Along the lines of the slogan “We’re here, we’re queer” plays with a gay subject matter proudly put on stage what makes the gay community and gay people tick.

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