Literature and Linguistics – Approaches, Models, and Applications

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Marion Gymnich, Ansgar Nünning, Vera Nünning (Eds.)

Literature and Linguistics. Approaches, Models, and Applications: Studies in Honour of Jon Erickson

ISBN 978-3-88476-524-1, ISBN 3-88476-524-8, 322 S., kt., € 29,50 (2002)

Since language, the object of study in linguistics, is also the fabric all literary texts are made of, linguistics and literary criticism should be natural allies in the endeavour to develop approaches to literary texts which do justice to the multifaceted nature of literary texts and to their dependence on language as a medium. The articles in this collection, written by linguistics and by literary critics, explore a considerable number of different approaches to the ongoing project of combining linguistics and literary criticism in a profitable way. The engage in a critical dialogue between the two disciplines, reconsidering diverse strands of tradition, charting new ways of benefiting from this dialogue, but also drawing attention to potential pitfalls of this project. Some of the articles in this volume outline theoretical interfaces between linguistics and literary criticism (part I), other articles look more closely at the medium used in literary texts (part II) or apply linguistic approaches to specific literary texts, providing exemplary linguistics readings of literary texts belonging to different genres and different periods in the history of English and American literature (part III).

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