Immigration as a Process

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Barbara Frank-Job

Immigration as a Process. Temporality Concepts in Blogs of Latin American Immigrants to Québec

ISBN 978-3-86821-820-6, 134 S., 5 Abb., kt., € 20,00 (2021)

(IAS - Inter-American Studies / Estudios Interamericanos, Bd. 27)

In their weblogs, immigrants from Latin America to Québec document the migration process in narrative reconstructions of personal experiences and discuss them in the blogger community. During this long process of collective identity negotiation and construction of meaning, various concepts of temporality play an essential role. These concepts belong to at least two fundamentally different areas of discourse: On the one hand, they are rooted in the institutional discourse of Canadian immigration policy (which defines immigration as a “parcours”); on the other hand, they arise from the personal experiences of migrants and the emotions that are linked to their own immigration projects. Based on a large corpus of mainly hispanophone weblog posts and discussions and within the methodological frameworks of discourse analysis and interactional linguistics, this Long Essay examines the forms, functions and meaning of the migrants’ temporality concepts during migration from Latin America to Québec.

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