Housing in the United States

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Susanne Reitter

Housing in the United States

ISBN 978-3-88476-962-1, 143 S., 28 Abb., € 18,00 (CD-ROM, 2008)

(Cultural Studies in the Heartland of America, Bd. 2)

The housing situation of a country is an important part of its culture. Preferences in choosing a place to live reveal a great deal about the history, politics and residents of a country. This cultural study provides a comprehensive approach to the housing situation in the United States. It takes into account the history of the American nation, describes the American preference for single-family homes and explores the relationship between cities and suburbs. Housing policies in the past and present and their effects on the current housing situation are explained in detail. In addition, the reader gains an insight into the home buying process and current renting practices. Housing in the United States is intended both for translators specializing in this particular field and everyone interested in American culture in general and the housing situation in particular. Throughout the thesis, relevant housing terminology is introduced. The thesis is complemented by an English – German glossary of relevant terminology.