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Dreaming the Future

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María Losada Friend, José María Tejedor Cabrera, José Estévez-Saá, Werner Huber (Eds.)

Dreaming the Future. New Horizons / Old Barriers in 21st-Century Ireland

ISBN 978-3-86821-327-0, 124 S., kt., € 18,00 (2011)

(Irish Studies in Europe, Bd. 3)

This volume began its life during the course of a few busy days in December 2007 in the Spanish city of Sevilla. It was there that members of the Spanish Association of Irish Studies (AEDEI) combined efforts with the Organising Committees from the Universities of Sevilla and Huelva and the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) to pave the way for the Sixth International EFACIS Conference, a dynamic effort to promote Irish Studies in a broad European context.

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"Dreaming the Future: New Horizons/Old Barriers in 21st-Century Ireland, represents an illuminating, comprehensive and challenging publication on Irish studies."

Asier Altuna-García de Salazar, Estudios Irlandeses (2011)