Centres and Margins

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Bernhard Reitz (Ed.)

Centres and Margins

ISBN 978-3-88476-146-5, ISBN 3-88476-146-3, 196 S., kt., € 19,00 (1995)

(CDE - Contemporary Drama in English, Bd. 2)

Klaus Peter Müller: Recasting the World on Stage: The Freedom of Creating New Centres and Meanings in Contemporary Theatre

Martin Banham: Talking Back to the Centre: Aspects of West African Theatre

Christopher Innes: Outsiders Offside on the Inside: Sex, Politics and National Theatre(s)

Peter Zenzinger: Looking for a Centre: Contemporary Scottish Drama and Theatre

Nicholas Arnold: American Colonisation of the English Avant-Garde

Bryony Lavery: "Guerillas in the Mist" - Sightings of, and Observations on, Feminists in British Theatre

Nicole Boireau: Marginalizing the Centre: the Case of Tom Stoppard

Martin Middeke: Fashion and the Media Age: Hyperreality in the Plays of Stephen Poliakoff

Eckart Voigts -Virchow: Pinter Still / Again Pinteresque? Opacity and Illumination in Moonlight (1993)

Eckhard Breitinger: Derek Walcott and the Great Traditions

Rose Mbowa: Cultural Dualism in Uganda Theatre Since Colonialism

Alexander Teodorescu: New Ideas on the Teaching of Macbeth

Albert-Reiner Glaap: Englischsprachige Dramen im Englischunterricht. Plays in English for Classroom Work