Anglistentag 2011 Freiburg

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Monika Fludernik, Benjamin Kohlmann (Eds.)

Anglistentag 2011 Freiburg. Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-86821-408-6, 414 S., kt., € 58,50 (2012)

(Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, Bd. 33)

Monika Fludernik and Bernd Kortmann (Freiburg)


Section I: Approaches to Language Variation

Ulrike Gut (Münster) and Christoph Schubert (Vechta)

Approaches to Language Variation: Introduction

Graeme Trousdale (Edinburgh)

Approaches to Language Variation: Complementary or Competing?

Stephanie Hackert (Munich)

Variation in Educated Speech: The Case of Bahamian English

Joachim Grzega (Eichstatt)

Amazon as a Venue to Study National Varieties of English

Sabine Zerbian (Potsdam)

Experimental Approaches to Language Variation: Prosodic Focus Marking in Varieties of South African English

Katja Böer, Sven Kotowski and Holden Härtl (Kassel)

Nominal Composition and the Demarcation between Morphology and Syntax: Grammatical, Variational and Cognitive Factors

Stella Neumann (Aachen)

Applying Register Analysis to Varieties of English

Silvia Hansen-Schirra (Mainz)

What Do These Results Suggest? Cross-linguistic Variation of Non-agentive Subjects and the Role of Translation

Section II: Early Modern Narratives and the Genesis of Genre

Christina Wald (Augsburg) and Gerd Bayer (Erlangen)

Early Modern Narratives and the Genesis of Genre: Introduction

David Duff (Aberdeen)

Novelization and Its Discontents

Ingo Berensmeyer (Giessen/Ghent) F

rom Pilgrimage to Complaint: Malaise and Mobility in Medieval and Early Modern Urban Texts

Miriam Nandi (Freiburg)

Narrating Emotions, Narrating the Self? Representation and Regulation of Emotions in Early Modern Diaries

Jürgen Meyer (Halle/Erfurt)

Representing Early Modern Readers in Action

Michaela Schrage-Früh (Mainz)

(Un-)Writing the Self: Authorial Strategies in Seventeenth-Century Women's Religious Prophecy

James Vigus (Munich)

Quaker Picaresque

Section III: The Writing Cure

Alexandra Lembert (Leipzig) and Jarmila Mildorf (Paderborn)

The Writing Cure – Literature and Medicine in Context: Introduction

Kathryn Montgomery (Chicago)

The Missing Text in Medicine

Marc Priewe (Potsdam)

Illness Poetics: Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor and the Language of Early Modern Medicine

Anna Thiemann (Münster)

Reversing the Commodification of Life? Rebecca Skloot's Narrative Science Writing

Monika Pietrzak-Franger (Siegen)

'Codes of Discretion': Silence and Ethics in Doctor/Patient Communication

Pascal Fischer (Stuttgart)

Literature and Medicine in Ian McEwan's Saturday

Susanne Scholz (Frankfurt)

Literature and the Scientific Gaze: The Case of the 'Elephant Man'

Susanne Bach (Kassel)

Representing Medical Practitioners

Felix C. H. Sprang (Hamburg)

"Let me see the child, and die": The Medicalization of Childbirth in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Novels

Section IV: Dickens and His Legacy

Ina Bergmann (Würzburg) and Norbert Lennartz (Vechta)

Dickens and His Legacy: Introduction

Martin Kindermann (Hamburg)

The Narration of Space in Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend, Little Dorrit and Bleak House

Greta Olson (Giessen)

Dickens's Animals through the Lenses of Poverty Studies and Posthumanism

Michael Butter (Freiburg) and Birte Christ (Giessen)

Teaching Reading in Instalments: An Experiment

Dianne F. Sadoff (New Brunswick)

Boz and Beyond: Establishing the Dickens Legacy

Kai Merten (Kiel)

Photopoetics, Precinema and the Web: Dickensian Media History

Jürgen Meyer (Halle/Erfurt)

Dickens and the New Physics: A Christmas Carol and Robert Gilmore's Scrooge's Cryptic Carol

Anna Wille (Halle)

A Queer Twist to the Tale? Sarah Waters's and Stephen Fry's Reworkings of Dickens in Fingersmith and The Liar

Section V: The Place of Theory

Martin Middeke (Augsburg) and Christoph Reinfandt (Tubingen)

The Place of Theory: Introduction

Derek Attridge (York)

Challenging Theory: The Question of Time and Place in Literary Creation and Reception

Herbert Grabes (Giessen)

The Fate of Texts Under Changing Theory

Jürgen Schlaeger (Berlin)

The Place of Literary Theory Today

Helga Schwalm (Berlin)

Rethinking the Empirical in Literary/Cultural History

Christian Huck (Kiel)

Misreading Shelley, Misreading Theory: Deconstruction, Media and Materiality

Sebastian Domsch (Munich)

Ethics and Agency: The Limits and Necessity of Ethical Criticism

Gerold Sedlmayr (Würzburg)

Literary Theory in Reverse: The Literariness of Theory

Nicola Glaubitz (Siegen)

Managing Complexity: Literary Theory and Literature in Organization Studies

Section VI: Varia

Hans-Jürgen Diller (Bochum)

Historical Semantics, Corpora and the Unity of English Studies

Elahe Haschemi Yekani (Berlin)

(M)Other Seacole's Wonderful Adventures: The Politics of Imagining the British Family

Jochen Petzold (Regensburg)

The Victorian Debate on Science Education and the Case of "Robina Crusoe"

Katrin Roder (Potsdam)

Narratives of Happiness in the Context of a Reparative Hermeneutics

Dorothee Birke (Freiburg) and Stella Butter (Mannheim)

The Politics of 'Realism': Analyzing Discourses on Contemporary Literature and TV

Ralf Haekel (Göttingen)

"Such is the uneven state of human life": The Concept of the Human in Early Eighteenth-Century Literature