Anglistentag 2000 Berlin

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Peter Lucko, Jürgen Schlaeger (Eds.)

Anglistentag 2000 Berlin. Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-88476-493-0, ISBN 3-88476-493-4, 476 S., kt., € 60,50 (2001)

(Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, Bd. 22)

Section I: Order of Elements in Discourse
Jürgen Esser (Bonn)
Order of Elements in Discourse: An Introduction

Peter Erdmann (TU Berlin)
Properties of Ordering Phenomena in English

Thomas Kohnen (Duisburg)
Inversion in Early Modern English Conditional and Concessive Clauses

Heidrun Dorgeloh (Düsseldorf)
Inversion in English Discourse: System-Based Function vs. ContextBased -Effect

Ronald Geluykens (Münster)
Non-Canonical Word Order in English: Variation across Discourse Types

Paul Georg Meyer (Hamburg)
Element Order in German and English: Universal Principles vs. Typological Parameters

Matthias L. G. Meyer (Magdeburg)
The Ordering of Determiners, Floating Quantifiers, and Problems of Scoping

Section II: London: Multiculturalism and the Metropolis
Gerhard Stilz (Tübingen)
Introduction "London: Multiculturalism and the Metropolis"

Mike Phillips (London)
The Theory and Practice of London's Multiculturalism

Frank Schulze-Engler (Hanover)
Migrant Modernities: Literary Renegotiations of Cultural Identity in Twentieth-Century London

Doris Teske (FU Berlin)
Walking Through the London East End: Flânerie in a Metropolitan Theme Park

Tobias Döring (FU Berlin)
London Underground: A Tale of the Tube

Martina Gosh-Schellhorn (Saarbrücken)
The Tropification of London: On Investing the Metropolis with Meaning

Barbara Korte and Claudia Sternberg (Tübingen)
'If you want know about London ... it's a laundrette in Peckham'. Black British Directors and Screenwriters Visualise the Metropolis

Mark Stein (Saarbrücken)
Black City of Words: London in the Popular Novel

Ingrid von Rosenberg (Dresden)
Moving Towards the Centre? Young Black Londoners: Literature and Visual Arts

Section III: Fins de Siècle
Catherine Belsey (Cardiff)
Endings as Beginnings: Cultural Change (Summary)

Axel Stähler (Bonn)
Janus - "the Beginnings and Ends of Things": The Entry of James I into London (1604)

Aleida Assmann (Constance)
From the End of the World to the Fin de Siècle. Obsession with Endings in Texts of Sir Thomas Browne and Walter Paper

Franz Meier (Regensburg)
Sex and Death in Culture and Popular Fiction from the 1790s to the 1890s

Anna Maria Stuby (Hanover)
Turning the Gender Screw at the Turn of the Century

Vera Nünning (Brunswick)
Ages after Value and Virtue? Ethics and Aesthetics in the Novels of Three Fin de Siècle Writers, Oscar Wilde, Martin Amis and Tibor Fischer

Merle Tönnies (Bochum)
Another 'Sensational' Fin de Siècle? The New 'Theatre of Cruelty' in Britain in Late Nineteenth-Century Melodrama

Daniel Göske (Kassel)
Toward the End of Time: Mr. Updike's Planet after the Turn of the American Century

Section IV: Children's Literature
Christiane Bimberg (Dortmund) and Thomas Kullmann (Göttingen)

David Blamires (Manchester)
The Survival of the Middle Ages in British Children's Books

Dieter Petzold (Erlangen-Nuremberg)
From Primer to Pleasure? On the Dialectics of prodesse et delectare in Nineteenth-Century Books for Children

Elmar Schenkel (Leipzig)
The Dino and the Dynamo. Prehistory, Technology and Magic in E. Nesbit's Children's Books

Christiane Bimberg (Dortmund)
The Place of Children's Literature Studies in English and American Studies in Germany: Empowering the Young Generation to 'See Through'

Thomas Kullmann (Göttingen)
Fantasy in English in Children's Fiction

Christoph Bode (Munich)
Poststructuralist Pooh

Reinhard Isensee (HU Berlin)
Negotiating Power: Literary Representations of Authority in Recent Young Adult Fiction in the U.S.A.

Section V: Varia
Ulrich Broich (Munich)
Ezra Pound, Shaw and Wyndham Lewis as Admirers of Lenin AND Mussolini

Martina Mittag (Giessen)
From Divine to Secular Secrets: Enigmatization and Revelation in Milton's Textutal Paradise

Rainer Emig (Regensburg)
Imperial Decadence / Postcolonial Decadence: Excess, Aesthetics, and Ideology in Late Nineteenth-Century and Postcolonial Twentieth-Century Writing

Martin Middeke (Paderborn)
The Poetics of Lived Time: Time Consciousness and Literary Subjectivity in the Late-Victorian Novel

Bernhard Klein (Dortmund)
The Poetry and Politics of Memory: Staging History in Contemporary Irish Drama (Friel, Parker, McGuinness)

Alwin Fill (Graz)
The Tension Principle in English Language and Literature

Marianne Hundt (Freiburg)
Information Structure in Discourse: Passive and Mediopassive Constructions

Sonja Kleinke (Heidelberg)
Schematic Meaning and Family Resemblance in Non-Finite Complement Constructions: A Cognitive Approach