Anglistentag 1996 Dresden

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Uwe Böker, Hans Sauer (Eds.)

Anglistentag 1996 Dresden. Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-88476-271-4, ISBN 3-88476-271-0, 380 S., kt., € 54,00 (1997)

(Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, Bd. 18)

Plenary Papers

Walter Wolfram: Oderly Approaches to Disorderly Change

John L. Styan: The Spirit of the Playhouse in Restoration Comedy

Howard Barker: The House of Infection: Theatre in the Age of Social Hygiene

Niyi Osundare: Singers of a New Dawn: Nigerian Literature from the Second Generation on

Section I: Approaches to Linguistic Change

Edgar W. Schneider: Introduction

Edgar W. Schneider: Language Change: The State of the Art

Andreas Fischer: Lexical and Semantic Change: An Evaluation of Structural, Pragmatic and Cognitive Explanations

Christian Mair and Marianne Hundt: The Corpus-Based Approach to Language in Progress

Gunnel Tottie: Literacy and Prescriptivism as Determinants of Linguistic Change: A Case Study Based on Relativization Strategies

Ekkehard König and Peter Siemund: On the Development of Reflexive Pronouns in English: A Case Study in Grammaticalization

Bernd Kortmann: Typology and Language Change

Ilse Wischer: Internal versus External Factors in the Origin and Development of the English of-Phrase Functioning as a Noun Modifier

Section II: Nigeria

Richard Taylor: Introduction

Manfred Görlach: Nigerian English: Broken, Pidgin, Creole and Regional Standard?

Josef Schmied: Compiling a Data-Base for the Analysis of Standard Nigerian English

Ulrich Broich: Post-Colonial Drama and Greek Tragedy

Frank Schulze-Engler: The Broken Chain: Traditional Cosmologies in Modern Nigerian Fiction

Richard Taylor: Three Poets and a Lyric Novelist

Frank Schulze-Engler: Civil Critiques: Satires and the Politics of Democratic Transition in Ken Saro-Wiwa's Novel's

Section III: Modern Drama

Bernhard Reitz: Introduction

Albert-Reiner Glaap: Voices from Canada: Why Should Canadian Plays Be of Interest to German Theatres?

Ewald Mengel: Forms and Functions of Myth in Modern English Drama

Martin Middeke: Drama and the Desire for History: The Plays of Timbelake Wertenbaker

Beate Neumeier: Sex and Violence in Contemporary Anglo-American Drama

Hans Osterwalder: The Family and the Crossroads: Sanity and Insanity in Miller's The Last Yankee and Pinter's Moonlight

Bernhard Reitz: Granite Crucibels: The Theatre of Howard Barker

Elizabeth Sakellaridou:David Hare: National Theatre's (Dissident?) Laureate

Section IV: Restoration Literature

Jürgen Kamm: Introduction

Werner von Koppenfels: Menippean "News from the Other Side": Satire and Gossip in Restoration Journalism

Ansgar Nünning: The Reinvention of the Monarchy by Popular Culture: Political Street Ballads of the Restorationo and teh making of Royalist Mentalities

Christiane Bimberg: Patronage and the Art of Dedication in John Dryden

Martin Brunkhorst: Politics, Morals, and the Development of Drama in the Restoration Period

Eberhard Späth: Redeeming Fiction: The Case of Thomas Hobbes

Werner Hüllen: Against Uncertainties and Vanity: Stylistic Deliberations in Seventeenth-Century Scientific Writings

Section V: Varia

Angelika Köhler: La Gritona: Vision and Memory in Comteporary Chicana Fiction

Horst Weinstock: From Latin Ha to Modern English Aitch

Marlis Hellinger: Variation and Change in Creole Pronominal Systems: What Does i(m) Mean?

Mattias Bauer: Little Dorrit: Dickens and the Language of Things

Susanne Schmid: Mythomaniacs: Contemporary Women Writers and Their Use of Myth

Herbert G. Klein: Grave Matters: Posthumous Narratives in Postmodern Times