A History of British, Irish and American Literature (3rd edition)

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Hans-Peter Wagner

A History of British, Irish and American Literature

ISBN 978-3-86821-921-0, 612 S., 168 Abb., € 35,00 (3., verb. u. erw. Aufl., E-Book/pdf, 2021)

The third revised and enlarged edition contains discussions of British, Irish and American literary works up to 2020. Focussing on outstanding writings in prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction, the book covers the time from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 21st century.

The feature that makes this literary history unique among its rivals is the coverage of television/web series as a particular form of postmodern drama. The chapters on recent drama now contain detailed analyses of the development of TV and web series from Britain, Ireland and America, with extensive discussions of those series now considered classics.

In addition, there are several major innovative features. To begin with, each century is introduced by a survey of the socio-political and cultural backgrounds in which the literary works are embedded. Furthermore, extensive visual material (more than 160 engravings, cartoons and paintings) has been integrated. This visual aspect as well as the introductory sections on art for each century give the reader an excellent idea of the symbiosis between visual and literary representations.

Further innovative aspects include

- discussions of non-fictional works from literary criticism and theory, travel writing, historiography, and the social sciences

- analyses of such popular genres as crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy, the Western, horror fiction, and children’s literature

- footnotes explaining technical and historical terms and events

- a detailed glossary of literary terms

- chronological tables for British/Anglo-Irish and American literatures

- an updated (cut-off date 2020), extensive bibliography containing suggestions for further reading

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