Words as Windows on English Life and Culture

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Albert Reiner Glaap, Michael Heinze, Neil Johnstone

Words as Windows on English Life and Culture

ISBN 978-3-86821-355-3, 186 S., kt., € 20,00 (2012)

Words can be windows on the life and culture of the people who use them. This book invites the reader to open windows and shine a light on the cultural history embedded in the English words we use today as well as on the influences that have shaped this language. Whereas we usually use windows to look out on what is around us, Words as Windows look into the house of the English language. From its earliest foundations to the lofty heights of today’s English, the reader is taken on a tour of the entire building, stopping here and there for a good look around, taking the chance to discover the intricate and intriguing details of the interior.

Part I takes the reader on an exploration of the history of the English language, the people and the cultures which have made the English language what it is. Part II looks at the inner workings of the language; and Part III presents words in semantic fields. Of necessity, some of these words and their history cannot be confined to only one section, but may reappear in the other parts, showing how much etymologies are interlinked and how diverse and fascinating words can be.

This book is not an academic study, it is not a linguistic introduction. It is an invitation to explore the English language for readers who are fascinated by words, word histories and language in general. Join us on an exploration of language(s), culture(s) and people(s), and look through the Words as Windows on English Life and Culture.

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