Who's Australia? – Whose Australia?

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Russell West-Pavlov (Ed.)

Who's Australia? - Whose Australia? Contemporary Politics, Society and Culture in Australia

ISBN 978-3-88476-757-3, ISBN 3-88476-757-7, 200 S., kt., € 19,50 (2005)

(ELCH - Studies in English Literary and Cultural History, Bd. 14)

This volume of essays links the questions Who's Australia? and Whose Australia? in interrogating issues of politics, society and culture in contemporary Australia. The essays ask pressing questions about the connections between the construction of identities and the distribution of resources, whether political, social or cultural in one postcolonial settler nation at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The contributions cover areas of enquiry as diverse as international law, immigration, indigenous issues, globalisation, religion, gender politics, fiction, and black-white reconciliation. The essays arose out of an extended lecture series organized by the Australia Centre Berlin and the Free University of Berlin in 2003-2004 and offer a fascinating cross-section of current research undertaken by academics at major Australian and European universities.

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