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What to Do with Folklore?

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Marjetka Golež Kaučič (Ed.)

What to Do with Folklore? New Perspectives on Folklore Research

ISBN 978-3-86821-702-5, 180 S., 8 Abb., kt., € 23,50 (2017)

(BASIS - Ballads and Songs, International Studies, Bd. 9)

Sigrid Rieuwerts (Mainz, Germany)

General Editor’s Preface


Zmaga Kumer (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

What to Do with Folklore? Wohin mit der Folklore? Que peut-on faire avec le folklore?

Marjetka Golež Kaučič (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Lene Halskov Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Differences and Similarities between Traditional and Classical Singing: The Question of Visualizing Songs

Tvrtko Zebec (Zagreb, Croatia)

What is Folklore – French Quadrille, a Slovenian Idea, European Graduation Parade or Winning the Guinness World Record?

Rebeka Kunej (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Folk Dance on the Stage

Marija Klobčar (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Hidden behind the Transcriptions: Men and Women as Bearers of Slovenian Ballads

David Atkinson (London, England)

The Ballad and the Ascent of Literature

Sigrid Rieuwerts (Mainz, Germany)

A Story’s Cultural and Narratological Potential for Change

Marjetka Golež Kaučič (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Two Ballads and the Return to the Text

Branislava Vičar (Maribor, Slovenia)

Animals as “Beings from Other Worlds”: Deconstructing Animality/Humanity in the Poetry of Jure Detela and Miklavž Komelj

Milena Mileva Blažić (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Folktales Intertextuality in Svetlana Makarovič’s Svetlana’s Fairytales

Suzana Marjanić (Zagreb, Croatia)

The Anthropology of Animals – Paradox and/or Necessity

Marijana Hameršak (Zagreb, Croatia)

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids: The Animalistic, the Wondrous and the Childlike in Croatian Literature of the Second Half of the 19th Century

Maja Pasarić (Zagreb, Croatia)

The Role of Animals in Conceptions of Death and the Afterlife in Croatian Ethnographic Data