What became of the Great Society?

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Winfried Herget (Ed.)

What became of the Great Society? Comparative Perspectives on the U.S.A. in the 1960s and 1990s

ISBN 978-3-88476-182-3, ISBN 3-88476-182-X, 112 S., kt., € 15,00 (1996)

Robert Schneider: Conflict to Consensus to Compromise

Nelson Lichtenstein: Civil Rights, Job Rights, and the World of Work

James E. Herget: Thirty Years of the Right of Privacy

Harry R. Dammer: Criminal Justice in America 1964-1994: A Cycle of Myths, Fears, and Political Reactions

Eileen Boris: Women, Work, and Motherhood: Feminist Visions, Women's Divisions

Gertrud Lenzer: Children in America: 1964-1994

David F. Marshall: The Politics of Language in America: Attempts to Prevent an Emerging Renationalization in the United States

Wulf Köpke: Academic Freedom and the Dream of a Different World

Jules Zanger: Sports, Television, and the American University

Opal J. Moore: "You ain' no more slave": Paule Marshall's (Sons &) Daughters face the 1990s