Weeds and Viruses

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Cordula Lemke, Jennifer Wawrzinek (Eds.)

Weeds and Viruses: Ecopolitics and the Demands of Theory. With a Foreword by Dipesh Chakrabarty

ISBN 978-3-86821-634-9, 250 S., kt., € 30,00 (2016)

The relationship of postmodernism and ecocriticism has always been an uneasy one. While postmodernism is often criticised for what appears to be an abstract and exclusively human perspective, ecocriticism has been accused of essentialising nature. Yet merging the two fields can prove highly productive: postmodernism offers a new perspective on the semantics of power relations while ecocriticism creates an awareness for the shortcomings of an aesthetics that shuns the political. The essays collected in this volume engage with this troublesome relationship, testing the adaptability of a wide range of ecocritical, postmodern and postcolonial approaches.

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