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Visualising Australia

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Renate Brosch, Kylie Crane (Eds.)

Visualising Australia: Images, Icons, Imaginations

ISBN 978-3-86821-551-9, 208 S., kt., € 29,50 (2014)

(KOALAS - Konzepte, Orientierungen, Abhandlungen, Lektüren, Australien-Studien, Bd. 11)

This volume Visualising Australia: Images, Icons, Imaginations comprises a collection of ten papers given at the thirteenth conference of the Association for Australian Studies at the University of Stuttgart in September 2012, which are supplemented by a comprehensive introduction to Visual Culture Studies and to Australian Visualities. The contributions probe and critique visual images that have become lodged in cultural memory as powerful vehicles of national identity. Paintings, photographs, mixed media, maps, documentaries, advertisements, cartoons and literary images form the subject matter. Together, the contributions offer historical depth, a breadth of disciplinary backgrounds and draw on Australian and international perspectives. This volume thus makes a timely contribution to Visual Culture Studies and Australian Studies alike.

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