Victorian Age and E-Learning

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Roberta Zampi

Victorian Age and E-Learning

ISBN 978-3-88476-980-5, 375 S., 64 Abb., € 34,50 (CD-ROM, 2007)

(Lighthouse Unlimited, Bd. 102)

Victorian Age and E-Learning is a thesis combining cultural and translation studies. Readers will explore social and political aspects of Victorian England and the country’s flourishment of literature, architecture and art. Furthermore, they will become acquainted with the structure of an e-learning translation class and the most important steps which are to be taken if a translation is to succeed. Moreover, translation students will become familiar with linguistic theories and will learn how to analyse a text. The thesis offers an overview of one of the most important pieces of English history and gives an insight into translation methods and useful tools. Besides, it also deals with Moodle and its services with a focus on its application at the Seminar for Translation and Interpreting (Institute for General and Applied Linguistics), Heidelberg.