Twentieth-Century Theatre and Drama in English

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Jürgen Kamm (Ed.)

Twentieth-Century Theatre and Drama in English. Festschrift for Heinz Kosok on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday

ISBN 978-3-88476-333-9, ISBN 3-88476-333-4, 948 S., kt., € 57,50 (1999)

ISBN 978-3-88476-334-6, ISBN 3-88476-334-2, 948 S., geb., € 71,00 (1999)

I. BRITAIN: RICHARD ALLEN CAVE: Twentieth-Century English Theatre and Drama / PATRICK BRIDGWATER: Oscar Wilde and Germany: Geramany and Oscar Wilde / STANLEY WEINTRAUB: Bernhard Shaw: The Dramatic Achivements / WOLFGANG G. MÜLLER: George Bernhard Shaw and Shakespeare: an Intertextual Analysis of Caesar and Cleopatra / MARIA ZETTNER: Man of the Stage and of the Study – Harley Ganville Barker and the Shaping of Modern British Theatre / GERHARD STILZ: English Naturalism in the Province: The 'Politics' of the 'Manchester School' and Stanley Houghtons's Hindle Wakes / MANFRED MALZAHN: Impressive Sights: The Making of J.M. Barrie / WILLI ERZGRÄBER: Society, Religion, and Myth in T.S. Eliot's Cocktail Party / GÜNTHER BLAICHER: Mortification, De-Mortification, and the Assimilation of Death in Christopher Fry's Comic Theory and Practice / JÜRGEN KAMM: Mastering Manners: The Early Plays of Noël Coward / MICHAEL KRIEG: The Disintegration of Idealism in Arnold Wesker's Their Very Own and Golden City / HOLGER KLEIN: Joe Orton as Dramatic Craftsman / ANNETTE PANKRATZ: Roles and Role-Playing in the Plays of Caryl Churchill / CLAUDIA KREBS: Alan Ayckbourn and His Obligation to Entertain and to Enlighten / ULRICH BROICH: British Drama in the 1990s and David Hare's Skylight / ELMAR SCHENKEL: "The Attraction that Newton Left Out": Science in Comtemporary British Drama / RUDOLF BÖHM: Shakespeare "Reformed and Made Fit": Tom Stoppard / HANS ULRICH SEEBER: The Invention of Love: Stoppard's Dramatic Elegy for A.E. Housman

II. IRELAND: CHRISTOPHER MURRAY: Irish Drama since the Seventeenth Century / ANDREW PARKIN: Yeat's Dance Plays and Transcultural Theatre / HIROSHI SUZUKI: The Cultural Interaction of Yeats's At the Hawk's Well and Japanese Theatre / TOSHI FUROMOTO: Paycock and the Lumpen Proletariat / BERNICE SSCHRANK: "Which Side are You on?": Communist Workers, Fascist Dupes, and Labour Fakers in Sean O'Casey's The Star Turns Red / CHRISTOPH BODE: "Dies zeigt sich": A Wittgensteinian Reading of Samuel Backett's Dramatic Art / RICHARD WALL: A Selective Dialect Glossary for Modern and Conemporary Irish Drama / MUNIRA H. MUTRAN: Confluence of Multiple Points of View: Three Plays for Ireland by Stewart Parker / ELMER ANDREWS: "The Necessity for Paganism": Brian Friel's Wonderful Tennessee / CSILLA BERTHA: "A Haunted Group of Plays": The Drama of Sebastian Barry / BRITTA OLINDER: "Ourselves Alone": Gender and Politics in Some Northern Irish Plays / WERNER HUBER: The Plays of Martin McDonagh / RUTH NIEL: New Voices in Irish Drama / RÜDIGER IMHOF: The Past in Contemporary Irish Drama

III. USA: JÜRGEN C.WOLTER: Eugene O'Neill: The Plays in Context / UWE BÖKER: " tell what could be told if one did not tell anything": North American One-Act Plays, 1910-1935 / PAUL GOETSCH: The American Dream in the Plays of Williams, Miller and Albee / HANS WEBER: "We invent ourselves" – Self-concepts in Arthur Miller's The Price and The Last Yankee / CAROLINE COSTELLO: The Search for Ethnic and Female Identity in Contemporary Plays by African-American Women / DONALD E. MORSE: Not the Nelsons: The Family Plays of Sam Shephard / JOCHEN ACHILLES: The Blues as Metaphor and Theme: African-American Identity in August Wilson's Plays / HANS-ULRICH MOHR: David Mamet's A Life in the Theatre: Language Strategies, Subtexts, Communication

IV. CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AND NEW ZEALAND: ALBERT-REINER GLAAP: The Evolution of English-Canadian Drama in the 20th Century / ANKE KARRASCH: A Stage Experiment: Herman Voaden's Concept of Symphonic Expressionism – National Theatre and Drama in Canada / NORBERT SCHAFFELD: Coming to Terms with a Colonial Past: The Search for Historical Individuality in Contemporary Australian and Canadian Drama / PETER O. STUMMER: David Williamson: Zeitgeist-Reflector on the Australian Stage / WOLFGANG ZACH: The Politics of Aboriginal Australian Theatre: Jack Davis / JOSEPH SWANN: Inequalities: Vincent O'Sullivan's New Zealand Drama