Through the Granite Kingdom

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Michael Hanke (Ed.)

Through the Granite Kingdom. Critical Essays on Charles Causley

ISBN 978-3-86821-338-6, 306 S., kt., € 29,50 (2011)

(SALS - Studies in Anglophone Literatures, Bd. 39)

The poetic career of Charles Causley began in 1951 and ended half a century later with his Collected Poems 1951-2000. At least a dozen of his poems have become firmly lodged in English cultural memory. Causley’s work is assessed here for the first time in a full-length collection of critical essays. This book fills a need felt by admirers of his work all over the English-speaking world. It offers critical assessments of the scope and stature of the author of such enduring anthology hits as “I Am the Great Sun” and “At the British War Cemetery, Bayeux”. The contributors are Causley specialists, authorities on particular subjects or genres, and younger scholars who have more recently become interested in his poetry. Several are practising poets. The collection is rounded out by a select bibliography.

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