Thinking Down Under

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Graham Willett (Ed.)

Thinking Down Under. Australian Politics, Society and Culture in Transition

ISBN 978-3-88476-855-6, 256 S., kt., € 24,50 (2006)

When Europeans think about Australia they often draw upon a mélange of tourist promotion images (vast empty beaches and the Outback) and newsworthy events (sporting successes, racist riots). Academically, attention has tended to focus on literature, film and cultural studies, with a smattering of Indigenous Studies. This volume shifts that focus, looking at Australian politics and society, and at the transformations that they have undergone in recent decades. From big-picture pieces to micro-studies, the contributors to Thinking Down Under (both Australians and Germans) draw upon a variety of methodologies to address the big issues of everyday life – unemployment, education and housing – as well as political shake-ups and constitutional debates. AIDS, refugees, multiculturalism and the rise of the right are examined. Studies of political journalism, industrial disputes and political activism, of cinema and history-making contribute to a rich exploration of a complex and evolving society. This is a volume that will help Europeans – and Australians – to think differently about the Land Down Under.

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