The Workings of the Anglosphere

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Anton Kirchhofer, Jutta Schwarzkopf (Eds.)

The Workings of the Anglosphere. Contributions to the Study of British and US-American Cultures, presented to Richard Stinshoff

ISBN 978-3-86821-132-0, 330 S., kt., € 28,50 (2009)

How are things made and unmade in a culture? How do things change, but also, how do they stay the same? How did this work? Who worked it? And what does this imply for our understanding of the way cultures work? The contributions to this volume aim to test the different ways of accounting for the mechanisms and productions of culture by examining instances and contexts of change and stasis in British and US-American culture at all levels, practical as well as theoretical; high or popular; local, regional, or national, and across the realms of political, social, and cultural interaction. Incorporating a range of disciplinary and theoretical approaches, this collection of essays derives its focus from the intensive and wide-raging exploration of the 'workings' of culture in its diverse manifestations. The volume is published in honour of Richard Stinshoff, whose research and teaching have been distinguished by a sustained concern with 'the workings of the Anglosphere'.

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