The Terminology of Radio Broadcasting

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Johannes Weber

The Terminology of Radio Broadcasting

ISBN 978-3-88476-884-6, 521 S., 27 Abb., € 35,00 (CD-ROM, 2006)

(Lighthouse Unlimited, Bd. 75)

The Terminology of Radio Broadcasting provides the reader with a comprehensive approach to the topic of radio broadcasting. In the first place, it is geared to translators and interpreters who need to familiarize themselves with this topic and its special language for professional reasons. This work offers a manageable amount of information which can be accessed conveniently. The interested lay person with no previous knowledge about the subject might take an interest in this work since it provides the reader with the opportunity to learn about the essentials of radio broadcasting, e.g. the theoretical background, the history of radio broadcasting, the technology, the production processes behind the scenes and the various elements and forms taken by radio programs and program segments. The Terminology of Radio Broadcasting is complemented by a comprehensive English-German database comprising 199 terms essential to a basic understanding of radio broadcasting and its various sub-categories.