The Etchings and the Prose of Earl H. Reed

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Carina Klehr

The Etchings and the Prose of Earl H. Reed. Forgotten Artist of the Midwest

ISBN 978-3-86821-230-3, 130 S., € 15,00 (CD-ROM, 2010)

(Cultural Studies in the Heartland of America, Bd. 24)

In modern times, etching is among the neglected forms of art. One individual from Chicago, however, made this genre his lifework: Earl Howell Reed, Sr., author and painter-etcher, who seems to have almost completely fallen into oblivion today. Why is that the case? What are the reasons for his 'disappearance'? How much was Reed influenced by the Indiana Dunes that inspired so many of his sketches on his frequent trips there? And to what extent has he in particular contributed to the popularity of this area by capturing it in his etchings and working to preserve the Dunes for future generations? The purpose of this work is to answer these questions and to provide necessary background knowledge about Earl Reed's life, information on the Save the Dunes movement, and the author-artist’s personal ties to the Midwest. In addition, this work details the art of etching with a special focus on Reed's numerous artworks. This also includes analyzing his literary works from a linguistic perspective, as well as finding relationships between his novels und prose and his artworks. Finally, the painter-etcher's life and work is reviewed from a modern-day perspective. An appendix with key terms and a terminology glossary related to etching is included to assist the reader.