The Anderson Family

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Olga Haliulin

The Anderson Family: Its History and Genealogy

ISBN 978-3-86821-305-8, 63 S., 38 Abb., € 10,00 (CD-ROM, 2011)

(Cultural Studies in the Heartland of America, Bd. 26)

Genealogical research represents a significant part of cultural studies and provides valuable insights into American culture and history. The objective of this case study is to trace the life of Carl F. Andersson, who emigrated from Sweden in the late nineteenth century. Carl's ancestry is traced back six generations and his descendants are portrayed. The history of the Anderson family is explored by examining several aspects of their lives, including reasons for immigration, economic and social circumstances in Sweden and America, the journey to the United States, their religious affiliations, workplaces and residences. Two family businesses established by family members are presented. The process of genealogical research is described step by step, along with useful genealogy websites and software options. Findings are visually supported by digitalized family tree charts, family and historical photographs, mind maps and geographical maps.