The African American short story 1970 to 1990

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Wolfgang Karrer, Barbara Puschmann-Nalenz (Eds.)

The African American short story 1970 to 1990: A Collection of Critical Essays

ISBN 978-3-88476-040-6, ISBN 3-88476-040-8, 226 S., kt., € 18,00 (1993)

In this volume eleven authors explore a field that has been neglected so far by literary scholarship and criticism: the short fiction published by Afro-American writers between 1970 and 1990. A wide variety of writers and short stories is presented in this collection of original essays, with special emphasis on female authors who began to articulate themselves in the seventies. The scope of different critical approaches corresponds to the representative corpus of texts, which range from more traditionally modern to feminist and postmodern fiction. The book fills a gap and will prove indispensable for use in classrooms and seminars, and as a guide to teachers as well as students.

Wolfgang Karrer: The History and Signifying Intertextuality of the African American Short Story

Barbara Puschmann-Nalenz: Presentation in Prefaces and the Process of Canonization

B. Puschmann-Nalenz: Ann Petry: Mother Africa (1971)

K. Ensslen: Toni Cade Bambara: Gorilla, My Love (1972)

R. Borgmeier: Alice Walker: Everyday Use (1973)

M. Kraft: Alexis Deveaux: The Riddles of Egypt Brownstone (1977)

W. Karrer: Gayl Jones: Asylum (1977)

E. Kreutzer: Alan McPherson: A Loaf of Bread (1977)

A. Koenen: Ntozake Shange: aw, babee, you so pretty (1979)

M. Diedrich: Sherley Anne Williams: Meditations on History (1980)

L. Truchlar: Alice Walker: Nineteen fifty-five (1980)

K. Ensslen: J. California Cooper: When Life Begins! (1986)

K. Benesch: Charles Johnson: The Education of Mingo (1986)

B. Puschmann-Nalenz: Ann Allen Shockley: The World of Rosie Polk (1987)

F. Gysin: John Edgar Wideman: Fever (1989)

W. Karrer: John McCluskey: Lush Life (1990)