Songs of People on the Move

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Thomas A. McKean (Ed.)

Songs of People on the Move

ISBN 978-3-86821-411-6, 232 S., kt., € 19,50 (2012)

(BASIS - Ballads and Songs, International Studies, Bd. 8)

Sigrid Rieuwerts (Edinburgh, Scotland)

General Editor’s Preface

Thomas A. McKean (Aberdeen, Scotland)


Thomas A. McKean (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Songs of People on the Move and in the Margins

Marija Klobar (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Itinerant Singers in Slovenia: Views on a Distinct Phenomenon

Ineke van Beersum (Netherlands)

Orally Transmitted Ballads among Frisian Migrant Workers and Other Inhabitants of the Frisian Woods

Katya Mihaylova (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Itinerant Mendicant Singers among the Slavs

Marjetka Golež Kaucic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Pilgrimage, Pilgrims and Pilgrimage Sites in Slovenian Folk Songs and Contemporary Literature

Sandra Cristina de Jesus Boto (Loulé, Portugal)

Expressions of Travelling in the Portuguese Romanceiro

Sara Reith (Aberdeen, Scotland)

“Born into the Ballad” – Journey and Movement in Three Scottish Traveller Songs

Valentina Bold (Dumfries, Scotland)

“Katherine Oggie”: A Song’s Stravaig through Oral Tradition and Print

E. Wyn James (Cardiff, Wales)

Trains and Ballads in Nineteenth-Century Wales

Gerald Porter (Vaasa, Finland)

The Role of Local Song at a Time of General Insurrection: The Case of “The Owslebury Lads”

Eckhard John (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)

“Heute hier, Morgen dort – Here Today, Tomorrow There” – Travel as a movens of the Volkslied Concept

Yvette Staelens (Poole, England)

The Somerset Folk Map Project: Gypsies and Music on the Margins

Hans Kuhn (Campbell, Australia)

Beggars and Buskers, Orphans and Jews: Songs about Marginal Figures in Nineteenth-Century Denmark

C. J. Bearman (Chelmsford, England)

“I’m off to India for Seven Long Years”: Folk Singers and Military Service

Jennifer Gall (Canberra, Australia)

“The Female Rambling Sailor”: Recovery and Regeneration

Christopher Heppa (Essex, England)

Robert Graves – The Poet as Ballad Enthusiast

David Gregory (Athabasca, Canada)

Singing the Unspeakable: Soundings in English Minority Culture

Pauline Greenhill (Winnipeg, Canada)

“I Wish You Were a Maid:” Transgender Imagination in Newfoundland Ballads


"There is much to learn and to ponder here. The book itself, like all the BASIS volumes from WVT, is very nicely produced, printed on quality paper, and good value for the money."

David Atkinson, Folk Music Journal 10.4 (2014)