Quantitative Text Analysis

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Luděk Hřebíček, Gabriel Altmann (Eds.)

Quantitative Text Analysis

ISBN 978-3-88476-080-2, ISBN 3-88476-080-7, 308 S., kt., € 25,00 (1993)

(QL - Quantitative Linguistics, Bd. 52)

This volume is the result of a collective effort to advance text research in quantitative vein, aiming at a rapprochement of methods and vistas in linguistics and more advanced sciences, i.e. bridging one of the gaps between natural and social sciences. The volume reflects the European state of the art in quantitative textology, reaching from concept hypothesis formation through measurement, description, classification, model building up to testing and evaluation and even touching upon ontological and epistomological problems. It informs about the current work of 21 researchers and research groups from 8 countries.

The motto of the volume is M. Bunge`s statement: A start in mathematization or mathematical modelling, however unrealistic, is better than either a prolix but unenlightening description or grandiose verbal sketch.


Hrebícek, L. & Altmann, G.: Prospects of text linguistics

Methods and Models

Gordesch, J. & Zapf, A.: Computer-aided formation of concepts

Köhler, R. & Galle M.: Dynamic aspects of text characteristics

Chitashvili, R. J. & Baayen, R. H.: Word frequency distributions of texts and corpora as large number of rare event distributions

Hrebicek, L.: Text as a strategic process

Fenk, A.: Text-picture-transinformation

Myths and Narratives

Marcus, S.: The logical and semiotic status of the canonic formula of myth

Wildgen, W.: The distribution of imaginistic information in oral narratives

Möller, E.: The influence of context on narrative structures

Text and Readability

Tuldava, J.: The statistical structure of a text and its readability

Mikk, J. & Elts, J.: Comparison of texts with familiar and unfamiliar subject matter

Roos, U.: Measuring text difficulty in Japanese. Different tools - same results?

Description and Classification

Liiv, H. & Tuldava, J.: On classifying texts with the help of cluster analysis

Uhlírová, L.: Parts of the sentence: evidence and their communicative significance in text structure

Tesitelová, M.: On quantitative analysis of dialogue and monologue

Baumann, K. D.: The statistical method within an integrative approach to LSP analysis


Klein, H.: INTEXT - a program system for the analysis of texts