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Mandy Beck, Cecile Sandten, Daniel Ziesche (Eds.)

Protest: Forms, Dynamics, Functions

ISBN 978-3-86821-909-8, 248 S., 17 Abb., 3 Tab., kt., € 34,50 (2021)

(CHAT - Chemnitzer Anglistik/Amerikanistik Today, Bd. 9)

"Protest" is a very broad term. It is first and foremost an umbrella term for the repertoire of direct actions collectives can employ to publicly voice their dissent. In their long and many-faceted history, protests and protest movements have developed a considerable range of strategies, symbols, narratives, aesthetics, and operational modes, some of which have persisted, while others have changed and developed over time. Therefore, this collection of articles sets out to investigate the complexity and essence of the concept of "protest" within various frameworks by asking, for example, what a "protest" is, what forms it takes, where and when a protest is carried out, for which political, social, cultural, or economic reasons, and by whom. Ultimately, the collection seeks to explore how the potential of protest to productively intervene in different contexts, or to promote the unfolding of social schisms and thereby the furthering of societal debates, can be approached from numerous academic disciplines within the humanities.
Looking at protest's forms, keeping track of its dynamics and interrogating its functions, the variety of case studies which the volume presents intellectually challenges and substantially contributes to an academic field which has gained much scholarly attention in recent years. From the fringes to the centre, from the few to the many, from subculture to mainstream, from minorities to the majority, Protest: Forms, Dynamics, Functions offers a glimpse into this field in our very own 'Age of Protest' and will be of interest to researchers, students and the interested public alike.

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