Postcolonial Justice in Australia

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Gigi Adair, Anja Schwarz (Eds.)

Postcolonial Justice in Australia: Reassessing the 'Fair Go'

ISBN 978-3-86821-674-5, 174 S., 23 Abb., kt., € 28,50 (2016)

(KOALAS - Konzepte, Orientierungen, Abhandlungen, Lektüren, Australien-Studien, Bd. 12)

This volume presents a collection of ten selected and expanded papers of the 2014 conference of the Association for Australian Studies (GASt) in Potsdam and Berlin. They are supplemented by a comprehensive introduction to the complex ways in which the universal notion of justice is continuously renegotiated against the local and cultural particularities of the Australian context. Often – though not exclusively – concerned with the legacy of Australia’s colonial past, the contributions address questions of access and redistribution, obligation and recognition, reparation and restitution, reimagination, reconciliation and forgiveness. The concept of the ‘fair go’, often posited as a key truth of Australian identity, promises a unique take on these issues. Together, the contributions combine historical depth and a breadth of disciplinary backgrounds with an ethical commitment to the possibility of a ‘fair go’ for all.

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