Nice Work?

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Peter Drexler (Ed.)

Nice Work? Critical Perspectives on the Changing Nature of Labour, Leisure, and Unemployment in Britain

ISBN 978-3-88476-556-2, ISBN 3-88476-556-6, 164 S., kt., € 19,50 (2002)

The majority of the contributions to this volume is based on papers that were read at the 10th British and Cultural Studies Conference held at Potsdam in November 1999. They deal with various aspects of work, leisure, and unemployment in Britain: contemporary issues such as New Labour's Welfare-to-Work policies and lifelong learning concepts under both Tory and Labour governments, historical changes in the representation and social perception of work from the 19th century to the present in novel and film, as well as case studies of postindustrial developments in Britain during the 1980s and 1990s.