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New Forms of Comedy

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Bernhard Reitz (Ed.)

New forms of Comedy. Papers given on the occasion of the second annual conference of the "German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English"

ISBN 978-3-88476-118-2, ISBN 3-88476-118-8, 168 S., kt., € 18,00 (1994)

(CDE - Contemporary Drama in English, Bd. 1)

Christopher Innes: The Cutting Edge of Comedy: Peter Barnes' Polemics

Peter Paul Schnierer: The Conventional Comedies of Bond and Shaffer

Christine Dymkowski: Questioning Comedy in Daniels, Wertenbaker, and Churchill

Eckart Voigts-Virchow: Learning by Suffering/Singing: Dennis Potter`s The Singing Detective as a Musical Tragicomedy of Disease

Tobias Döring: Outside in: Place and Space in Matura's Political Comedy

Ann Wilson: Po-Co Jest: Reflections on Comedy and National Identity in English-Canada

Bernhard Reitz: From Loman to Lyman: Arthur Miller's Comedy

Edith Hallberg: Barbara Garson's Black Comedy Security

Christiane Bimberg: The Serious Business of Comedy: Return to a Complex Genre in Woody Allen's A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy

Armin Geraths: The New Musical and the Ambiguous Legacy of the Musical Comedy

William Brown: Robert Ashley's Comic Opera for Television

Peter Griffith: Aspects of Contemporary Theatre-in-Education