Multiculturalism in North America and Europe

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Hans Braun, Wolfgang Klooss (Eds.)

Multiculturalism in North America and Europe. Social Practices - Literary Visions

ISBN 978-3-88476-128-1, ISBN 3-88476-128-5, 198 S., kt., € 20,50 (1995)

During the last twenty years, ethnic diversity has become a distinct feature of all Western industrialized societies. The cultural, political and social implications of this development are discussed within the conceptual framework of "multiculturalism". This essay collection tries not only to analyse the constituents of multi-ethnic communities, but also to open up perspectives for intercultural and transcultural communication.

Uwe Multhaup: Crosscultural and Intercultural Understanding

Alfred Pletsch: Ethnic Profiles in Canada

Jürgen Thömmes: Multiculturalism in France: The conflict between Islamic Fundamentalism and Traditions of "laicisme"

Hans Braun: Multiculturalism as a Social Reality and as a Political Issue: The Case of Germany

Derek Hum: Multicultural Society and Economic Structure

Dirk Hoerder: Ethnic Cultures under Multiculturalism: Retention or Change?

Frank Davey: The Literary Politics of Canadian Multiculturalism

Konrad Gross: The Burden of Memory: Ethnic Literature in Germany and Canada

Hartmut Lutz: Confronting Cultural Imperialism: First Nations People are Combating Continued Cultural Theft

Simone Vauthier: Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion: A Literary Case Study

Ron Hatch: Chinese-Canadian Writing: The Silence of Gum San

Janice Kulyk Keefer: Writing, Reading, Teaching Transcultural in Canada