Literary Views on Post-Wall Europe

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Christoph Houswitschka, Ines Detmers, Anna-Christina Giovanopoulos, Edith Hallberg, Annette Pankratz (Eds.)

Literary Views on Post-Wall Europe. Essays in Honour of Uwe Böker

ISBN 978-3-88476-770-2, ISBN 3-88476-770-4, 364 S., kt., € 29,50 (2005)

Rolf Breuer und Rainer Schöwerling
Uwe Böker 65 Jahre

Jutta und Karl Heinz Göller
Krakau - eine Freundschaftserklärung: Begegnungen im Herzen Zentraleuropas vor und nach dem Mauerfall

Manfred Markus
Die sogenannte "DDR": Das Attribut sogenannt und die Anführungszeichen aus linguistischer und anglistischer Sicht

Christoph Houswitschka and Edith Hallberg
Introduction: Post-Wall Europe in the Literatures of the "Anglosphere"

Ingrid von Rosenberg and Gerd Stratmann
New Thrills: John le Carré and Mike Phillips Discover the Wild East of Post-Cold War Europe

Edith Hallberg and Christoph Houswitschka
"The silent grey foreign country which called itself Germany" in the Novels of Hugo Hamilton, Nicholas Shakespeare and Others

Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann
The Winner Takes All or the World in Transition: Andrew Miller's Oxygen (2001) and Gary Shteyngart's The Russian Debutante's Handbook (2003)

Jürgen Klein
"... it's like Greta Garbo swimming": Or Wintry Venice as mundus alter in Joseph Brodsky's Fondamenta degli Incurabili (1989) / Watermark (1992). An Essay

Anna-Christina Giovanopoulos and Ines Detmers
Sex and the City: Transsexuality and Narrative Practice in Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex (2002)

Franz Meier
Art, Imagination, (Virtual) Reality and Politics in Richard Powers' Plowing the Dark (2000)

Angelika Köhler
Dialogues between Times: Reconstructions of the Medea Myth by Toni Morrison, and Christa Wolf

Bernhard Reitz
"The third way": Grappling with the Challenges of History and Form in Moscow Gold (1990)

Wolfgang J. Lippke
Collateral Damage: Public Wars and Private Suffering

Hans-Peter Wagner
Pinter and the Ugly Face of Egoism/Capitalism

Hans-Ulrich Mohr
"New Walls after its Fall": David Edgar's Post-History Plays on Europe between 1989 and 2002

Annette Pankratz
More Eggs and "Meaning Bullshit": British Post-Wall Plays

Peter Zenzinger
David Greig's Scottish View of the "New" Europe: A Study of Three Plays

Werner Huber
From Leenane to Kamenice: The De-Hibernicising of Martin McDonagh?

Jochen Achilles
Angles in America, Devils in Germany: Tony Kushner's Aesthetics of Redeemable Evil

Brigitte Georgi-Findlay
Transatlantic Relations after the End of the Cold War: Cooling Down or Heating Up?