Life in Language

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Andreas J. Schuth, Kristine Horner, Jean Jacques Weber (Eds.)

Life in Language. Studies in Honour of Wolfgang Kühlwein

ISBN 978-3-88476-733-7, ISBN 3-88476-733-X, 364 S., kt., € 35,00 (2005)

ISBN 978-3-88476-746-7, ISBN 3-88476-746-1, 364 S., geb., € 44,00 (2005)

"Wolfang Kühlwein, whose 65th birthday this volume celebrates, has always advocated a holistic approach to language description. He was never interested in what we might call the 'loneliness of language' caused by willfully separating language from its use and its users, its linguistic and situational context, its historical and socio-cultural basis." (Wolfram Bublitz, Universität Augsburg) The present volume brings together twenty-one new articles in linguistics and cultural studies addressing precisely these issues of the use and users of language, as well as its cognitive, historical and socio-cultural contexts.