Learning Theories and Practice in Translation Studies

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Frank Austermühl, Joachim Kornelius (Eds.)

Learning Theories and Practice in Translation Studies

ISBN 978-3-86821-116-0, 350 S., € 25,00 (CD-ROM, 2008)

(Lighthouse Unlimited, Bd. 138)

Recent developments in the academic and professional worlds of translation—symbolized above all by the Bologna Process and the growing importance of the localization industry—have not only put significant pressure on universities worldwide to modernize their curricula but have also allowed for the unfolding of numerous, often-times highly creative experiments in translator and interpreter training. This book provides a platform for the presentation of some of these innovative and trailblazing approaches and does so from a global perspective. The contributors come from diverse cultural backgrounds, reflecting their academic and professional experiences in China, England, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the United States. The individual contributions present a blend of theory and practice, contributing to the discussion and continued development of modern didactic ideas in Translation Studies, and provide hands-on, replicable descriptions of selected case studies that apply a variety of didactic approaches.

Table of Contents

Frank Austermühl and Joachim Kornelius

John Stewart, Wencke Orbán, and Joachim Kornelius
Cooperative Translation in the Paradigm of Problem-Based Learning

Stefan Baumgarten, Konrad Klimowski, and Clare Sullivan
Towards a Transgressionist Approach: Critical-Reflexive Translator Education

Helmut Schmitt
Translator Competence through Project-based Translation Praxis

Heiko Ahmann
Basic Computer Literacy among First- and Second-semester Students of Translation Studies – Classroom Observations, Results of a Case Study, and Consequences for Curriculum Design

Frank Austermühl and Christine Mirwald
Images of Translators in Localization Discourse

Fernando Ferreira-Alves
Brave New Wor(l)ds: Translation, Standardization and the Reshaping of a Professional Profile in the Language Industry

Óscar Jiménez Serrano
Training Technical Translators in the Age of Localization: Rethinking the Role of CAT Tools in the Classroom

David P. Atkinson
Freelance Translators and their 'Psychological Competence'

Vanessa Enríquez Raído
Translators' Web Search Behavior and Translation Performance: A Framework for Longitudinal Studies

Frank Austermühl
A Collaborative Approach to the Teaching of Terminology Management

Anne Kimmes and Hilko Koopman
COLLOCATION l ANALYZER – An Electronic Tool for Collocation Retrieval and Verification

Nicole Keller
Integrating Multi-word Terms in Terminology Management Systems: A Case Study

Ying Jin
The Conceptual Mapping Model in Consecutive Interpreting Teaching