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Keying in to Postcolonial Cultures

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Albert-Reiner Glaap, Marc Maufort (Eds.)

Keying in to Postcolonial Cultures. Contemporary Stage Plays in English

ISBN 978-3-88476-475-6, ISBN 3-88476-475-6, 172 S., kt., € 21,50 (2003)

(Reflections - Literatures in English outside Britain and the USA, Bd. 12)

The last few decades of the twentieth century have witnessed an unprecedented growth of theatre and drama in the countries of the former British Empire. One of the major achievements of this emerging postcolonial theatre and drama consits in translating onto the stage visions of the political, social and cultural patterns characteristic of the home country of the respective author. Postcolonial drama can be viewed, especially by European readers and spectators, as means of "keying in" to postcolonial cultures. To that end, the essays collected in this volume approach a number of postcolonial plays as being reflections of issues relevant to postcolonial socities, thus providing glimpses of cultures our European readers might not readily be familiar with. It is the editors' hope that the variety of perspectives on postcolonial drama offered in this volume will trigger the curiosity of theatregoers, theatre practitioners, and a general reading public wishing to "key in" to facets of the cultures these plays mirror.

Contributors: David O'Donnell; Adrian Kiernander; Kerrie Schaefer; Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn; Frank Schulze-Engler; Geoffrey Davis; Helge Nowak; Valérie Bada; Marc Maufort; Albert-Reiner Glaap