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Investigating and Facilitating Language Learning

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Markus Kötter, Oliver Traxel, Stephan Gabel (Eds.)

Investigating and Facilitating Language Learning. Papers in Honour of Lienhard Legenhausen

ISBN 978-3-88476-844-0, ISBN 3-88476-844-1, 312 S., kt., € 28,50 (2006)

I. Investigating Language Use
Dieter Wolff
Bilingualism and foreign language learning: Some reflections on a neglected topic
Uwe Multhaup
A mental information processing view of current issues in foreign language teaching
Günter Rohdenburg
Discrepancies between the rule formulations advanced by famous linguists and their own written usage
Ekkehard König and Volker Gast
The role of contrastive descriptions: Tense and aspect in English and German
Rüdiger Zimmermann
Polite (L2) writing - a dwindling skill? II. Analysing Learner Language
Wilhelm Grießhaber
Supporting learners: Profile analysis as a didactic tool for learner language analysis
Stephan Gabel
The avoidance of communicative risks in intercultural communication or the 'reduced personality' of the foreign language
Breffni O'Rourke
The problem of data in L2 computer-mediated communication research
Christiane Meierkord
Natural second language acquisition in a post-colonial context: Initial observations from South Africa
Klaus Schwienhorst
Interlanguage analysis from a Common European Framework perspective: Pedagogical implications and practical examples
III. Improving Practices in ELT
Oliver Traxel
C-Test calibration and anchoring: New paths towards comparing C-Test difficulties
Markus Kötter
English language teaching in primary school and the learners' perspective: Feedback from two questionnaires
Bernd Rüschoff
Authentic materials and authentic learning: Literary texts and creative tasks in language learning
Michael P. Breen
A pragmatics of language teaching: From practices to principles
Markus Ritter
Tandems in teacher education - a case study
IV. Promoting Learner Autonomy
David Little
Learner autonomy and the language of reflection: The importance of inner speech
Leni Dam
Developing learner autonomy - looking into learners' logbooks
Ema Ushioda
Motivation and autonomy in language learning
Stephan Gabel and Lienhard Legenhausen
Experiences with a student-run Self-Access Centre
V. Publications by Lienhard Legenhausen