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Werner Huber, Evelyne Keitel, Gunter Süß (Eds.)


ISBN 978-3-88476-956-0, 180 S., kt., € 23,50 (2007)

(Focal Point - Arbeiten zur anglistischen und amerikanistischen Medienwissenschaft, Bd. 6)

“Intermediality/Intermedialities” stands for the thematic and/or formal links between individual art forms (literature, music, painting, photography, film, television, the internet etc.) and thus constitutes a key concept for new critical parameters. In current debates, the term “the intermedial turn” is used alongside parallel designations for similar paradigmatic changes. While intermediality as a concept is rooted in interart studies, many contemporary phenomena in the arts and the media must also be considered against their background in popular culture. In order to increase critical awareness in this field, this volume demonstrates the wide spectrum of topical definitions which fall under the umbrella term of "intermedialities."

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