Giving the Future a Better Past

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Martin Kaiser, Anne Moellers (Eds.)

Giving the Future a Better Past. Cross-Cultural Encounter and Interreligious Dialogue in Europe and the Middle East

ISBN 978-3-86821-173-3, 158 S., kt., € 17,50 (2009)

"In working with any human being I prefer to concentrate on what we have in common and then to build from this point. With such an approach the past, with all of its trauma, need not be insurmountable." Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith Harrow and Wembley Progressive Synagogue, London

"This project underlines a very essential idea: If we approach our own religions with growing awareness, we will develop deeper respect for other religions." Talat Kamran Director of the Mannheim Institute for integration and interreligious dialogue

"The experiences of this project are a precious source for those involved in intercultural encounter and interreligious dialogue." Johannes Stein Bendorf Forum for ecumenical encounter and interreligious dialogue

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