Frayn in Germany

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Susanne Bach, Albert-Reiner Glaap (Eds.)

Frayn in Germany. Plays and Novels

ISBN 978-3-86821-066-8, 166 S., kt., € 19,50 (2008)

Michael Frayn has been writing plays and novels since the 1970s. His works have proved highly attractive to theatregoers and readers also in Germany. Noises Off, Copenhagen, Democracy, Spies and Towards the End of the Morning have become landmarks in this country. It is an open secret that Frayn's interest in Germany is mutual. In this book, his novels and plays are discussed from different perspectives; essays and comments are provided by those who are instrumental in fostering his works in Germany – publishers, translators, artistic directors, actors, critics, academics, authors and friends. Their individual and, partly, very personal views amount to a 'Mosaic of Fraynism in Germany.' A series of interviews conducted with Michael Frayn give valuable insights into his workshop and the development of the author's craft over the past 25 years. The publication addresses all those who – in England, Germany or elsewhere – want to know more about or have always admired what Michael Frayn has done for readers and theatregoers in Germany.

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"Frayn's comedies as well as his political plays are discussed as are his early and his latest works. All of this combines in a book that gives the reader a very personal and hands-on approach highlighting the reception and impact of Frayn's work in Gremany."

Sarah Heinz, Anglistik – International Journal of English Studies 21.2 (2010)