English – Chinese Computational Linguistics Terminology

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Chiao Wei, Wolfgang Kühlwein (Eds.):

English - Chinese Computational Linguistics Terminology

ISBN 978-3-88476-589-0, ISBN 3-88476-589-2, 310 S., kt., € 24,50 (2003)

(FOKUS - Linguistisch-Philologische Studien, Bd. 27)

Computerization is undoubtedly becoming increasingly important to a growing number of areas in research, economics and industry. International communication in these areas remains after all language-based, but is severly hampered by the current lack of dictionaries which encompass both language and the computer. In particular this holds true for users of Chinese and a Western language, above all, English.

This dictionary is the product of the joint efforts of the Institute of Applied Linguistics of the Chinese State Language Commission (formerly of the Chinese Academy of Social Science) in Beijing, and of the Institutes of Chinese Studies, English Linguistics and Computational Linguistics at the University of Trier in Germany and it addresses two groups of users:

- Western users with a basic command of Chinese (putonghua), who require some lexicographic aid in Chinese computational linguistic terminology.

- Chinese users with a basic command of everyday English, who need some lexicographic aid concerning English terminology in the specialized field of language and the computer.