Cultural/Literary Translators

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Sabine Egger (Ed.)

Cultural/Literary Translators. Selected Irish-German Biographies II

ISBN 978-3-86821-582-3, 248 S., kt., € 27,50 (2015)

(Irish-German Studies, Bd. 9)

Harry Rowohlt, who was highly praised by the then Irish Ambassador to Germany in 2006 for his service to Irish culture by introducing Germanspeaking readers to Irish authors such as Flann O’Brien, might be seen as something of an exception to the rule. It is not so much the great service he has given by negotiating between cultures through his impressive output of literary translations that gives Rowohlt his exceptional status – the same could be said about several of the translators included in this volume – but his high level of public visibility in doing so. Harry Rowohlt is one of the best known translators in the German-speaking countries of Central Europe, not least because of his ability as a journalist, actor and performer in the cultural life and media landscape. His public profile sets him apart from most of the other translators in this volume whose work has had a substantial impact on Irish-German cultural relations in the 20th and 21st century, but has generally not received the same level of public attention.

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